How to Join

Are you of Italian descent? Or maybe just interested in Italian culture? Interested in joining the Italian-American Society? Please fill out our online membership application below, or download this PDF of our membership application and return it to the society's PO Box, or scan and email it to 

Annual dues are $36 for a single adult and $60 for a married couple.
Note: All applicants must have a sponsor who is a Society member in good standing. If you do not know a sponsor, an officer of the Society will automatically represent you. Your application will be submitted for approval by your sponsor at a monthly meeting of the Society's general membership. Your acceptance will be discussed and voted upon by the membership. If accepted, the annual membership fee will be applied, prorated as necessary, by the treasurer and you will be introduced to the assembly and asked to take the oath of the Society. 

Membership Application

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Officers for 2024 

Sara Nardini Schlueter

Vice President:
Maureen Hallengren

Corresponding Secretary:
Rhonda Ossola Parker

Gary Ferrari

Financial Secretary:
Mike Schlueter 

Diane Fuller (1st),
Breanna Schlueter (2nd)
Megan Rumpel (3rd)

Hall Marshall: Open

Sergeant at Arms: Open