General Assembly Meetings -
One Sunday a month at Alexander's Steakhouse, Peoria

2021 Meeting Dates:
January 10 - Meeting cancelled due to COVID19 restrictions. 
February  - No Meeting
March 7 - Meeting cancelled due to scheduling conflict.
April 11
May 2
June 6
July 11 
August 1  
September 12
October 3
November 7
December 5 - Christmas Party, held at alternate site

Annual Festa Picnic - August 

Several times a year Society members will get together outside of our meetings to enjoy each other's company, converse and relax.

Italian Heritage Day - October 
Each year,  the members of the Italian-American Society gather together to celebrate our heritage as Italians. A member of the Society or Peoria community will often speak about the history of Italians globally or in the United States. 

Annual Christmas/Holiday Dinner - December 
Each December at our monthly meeting members of the Society take time to reflect on the past year and celebrate family and friendship at our annual Christmas/Holiday Dinner. In addition to the buffet meal, members are encouraged to prepare and bring Italian desserts. At this event, the Society members collect items for a charity in the area. There may also be special appearances by Santa and La Befana